How I got ‘my kids’ to eat olives

October 18, 2016

I love olives. I grew up in an olive eating family. My mum is Italian and we have all eaten olives since I can remember. I often wondered if it was in ‘my genes’ until I turned my husband into an olive-eating machine. So when I nannied two children from an Australian family I knew it was possible for them to love olives too.

This is not a story about olives; it is a story about what you eat will have a huge influence over what your children will eat. If this can happen with olives can the same principles be applied with all food? My answer… Absolutely! Exposure is the single most important thing to establishing healthy-eating patterns. It won’t happen over night but with a few tantrums, food being thrown across the room and determination it can happen.

I eat olives regularly; if they are in the fridge I will eat them everyday. I like to put them in salads, pastas and enjoy them by themselves. The children I nannied would watch me eat olives all the time. I would always offer them one and at first they would say no. After a while they started to ask if they could try one. They would take a bite and put it back and say, “I don’t like it”. The thing that amazed me was even though they didn’t enjoy the taste they would continue to ask to try an olive over and over again, and once again they would say, “I don’t like it”. This happened over a period of time and it almost always ended in the same result. But then all of sudden it happened, they would eat the whole olive and even ask for more. This can be the same with any food.

I have learnt that the keys to getting kids open to trying new foods is:

  1. Don’t load them with expectations; rather, let their curiosity lead them. It might take days, weeks or months.
  2. Don’t let eating or not eating become emotional.
  3. Do give high praise when they do discover and try something new.

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