It’s Not Just What We Give Our Kids, But What We Tell Them

November 1, 2016

When I was growing up, my mum would often send me to the service station to get bread. I would always ask, “Can I get white bread?” I never got an answer, just a look, which I knew meant no. I would watch everyone at school eating their white bread sandwiches and think about how unlucky I was. But even though I longed for it as a child, 22 years later I rarely eat white bread!

I was studying interior design when I took my first nannying job. The family I worked for were reasonably healthy and their children also complained about not having white bread. There seemed to be this belief that they were missing out, which I could relate to having experienced that myself as a child.

Today, my focus has turned from interior design to nutrition. I have complete control when it comes to my current nanny family’s children’s diets and what I find interesting is that they never complain about not having white bread. Instead they tell me how they can’t believe how many children at school eat white bread. “Don’t they know that brown is better?” they say.

 Education makes a difference

This is what drives me, I get super excited when I hear kids say things like that, and I know that educating children about nutrition will make a difference. If we can get them to think differently about the food they eat, we can set them up for a lifetime of healthy eating habits.

I want to help you understand why nutrition should be a priority. Yes, Kidtritious is an educational program for kids, but as a parent I also want to teach you simple, effective ways to help build healthy eating patterns in your family.

I will help you educate your children about healthy food choices and find ways to implement them into daily life. Together we can make a difference!

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