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Minestrone simply means a thick vegetable soup. It’s perfect to warm up with on a cool winters night and children love the potato and pasta combo. Minestrone is great for school lunches – just send it in an insulated food container and it will keep warm for hours.

Why it’s so nourishing

Vegetables are one of the six essential food groups that our bodies need to function properly. Vegetables provide nutrients vital for the health and maintenance of your body and eating plenty of veg may reduce the risk of some chronic diseases. Borlotti beans, potato and pasta provide a good source of energy and will keep your kids feeling fuller for longer.


1.5 litres of filtered water
1 400g can diced tomatoes
1 tbsp. homemade vegetable stock
2 potatoes
1 carrot
1 zucchini
½ head broccoli
1 stalk celery
Half red capsicum
1 x 400g tin borlotti or cannellini beans
100 gm. pasta


Place water, stock and tomato in a large saucepan and bring to the boil.
Cut the vegetables to the desired size. The smaller the better for children. This allows them to get a mixture of vegetables in each spoonful.
Add the vegetables to the saucepan and cook for 10 minutes.
Add the pasta and cook for a further 8 minutes.
Remove from heat and add the beans.

Makes 2 adults 3 kids dinners

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